High-Speed Internet
for homes and businesses

Get a high-speed Internet connection for browsing, streaming and super fast downloads. Fast, reliable and uninterrupted Internet connection.


Providing Internet to many businesses and homes like yours:

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Over ten yrs delivering Internet connectivity

We come with over a decade experience in providing internet service to homes, businesses and organisation. Our team of professionals make sure you have the best setup and package suitable for your use case.

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All kinds of Internet connectivity options

Fiber Broadband

We install a fiber-optic cable from our nearest access point to your premises to deliver high speed internet. Our fiber broadband can reach a speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) in some areas.

Fiber connection is less susceptible to severe weather conditions and has minimal outages.

Wireless Internet

With our point-to-point wireless, high speed internet signals are transmitted over the air from our mast to a receiver at your location.

Wireless can be used for both short and long range connections where line of sight to our mast is available and delivers data at a speed comparable to our fibre broadband.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet uses a satellite link to transmit internet signals to your location. This option is suitable for remote areas where we have no fiber or wireless internet infrastructure available, especially in rural area.

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